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Shrink the Government: Government should be small, transparent, and accountable. These principles will be my guiding light for every piece of legislation that crosses my desk as your State Representative.

Protect our Conservative Values: We know that conservative values are what protect our God-given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. I will support legislation to protect life from conception to natural death, constitutional carry, and religious freedom.

Support Our Public Safety: As a founding member of Paulding Public Safety Appreciation and as the President for the last 4 years, I’ll make public safety a priority and will always ensure that our first responders are properly equipped, trained, and funded.

Lower Our Taxes: Individuals know how to best spend their money, not the government. I will work tirelessly to implement a FairTax and eliminate the state income tax. Our state’s leaders have been talking about replacing the income tax for over a decade. It’s time to stop talking and start leading. I will also fight to eliminate the tax burden on small businesses and job creators that drive Georgia’s economy.

Improve Our Education: Teachers must have the freedom to do their jobs – educating our next generation of leaders – and a student’s educational decisions should be made by parents and local educators rather than by politicians at the capitol. I will work hard to transition educational control back to parents as well as lead efforts to provide more educational choices for families.

Build Our Economy: Now that many of Obama’s job killing regulations are being eliminated at the federal level, we need to focus on the same thing here at home. Allowing job creators to put Georgians to work will be a top priority of mine in the State House. I will work to reduce regulations and cut red tape, strengthen our transportation network by improving roads and bridges, and focus on eliminating job killing corporate taxes.