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DALLAS – Former Paulding County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Gullett called on Representative Paulette Rakestraw to explain why she invited Chris Sevier to testify in favor of HB509 in 2017.

“Paulding County, the General Assembly, and the people of Georgia do not share the values of Chris Sevier in any fashion,” Gullett said. “This is a man who has sued to marry his computer in multiple states, but even more concerning has demonstrated a pattern of abusive and predatory behavior. Paulding County deserves a legislator who can recognize the difference between a public threat and a public servant.”

Chris Sevier, Representative Rakestraw’s expert witness on HB 509, has a demonstrably dangerous history that actually threatens to derail efforts to combat human trafficking in Georgia, including:

  • Charges of aggravated stalking and criminal impersonation: Sevier harassed and stalked country singer Jon Rich and a 17-year-old female. Both Rich and the 17-year-old female ask for a restraining order, an order Sevier is arrested for violating in June 2013;
    Source:, 1/9/2014
  • Digital harassment: Sevier sent numerous emails to Rich over a period of years, including “a half-naked picture of himself draped in an American flag and covered in a substance ‘“believed to be representing blood,’” according to court records;”
    Source:, 1/9/2014
  • Absurd Marriage Claims: Sevier allegedly “married” his laptop computer in New Mexico then filed a federal lawsuit against the same Colorado baker at the center of the case regarding cakes for same-sex weddings;
    Source: Washington Times, July 30, 2017
  • History of Frivolous Lawsuits: Sevier has admittedly abused the judicial system in order to file frivolous lawsuits. He sued Apple for his own habits of accessing pornographic material online, saying “Hey, I’m litigious and enjoy drafting frivolous filings about sex stuff” after his case was dismissed in Florida in 2013.
    Source:, 3/27/2018
  • History of Family Violence: Chris Sevier was charged and convicted of misdemeanor assault for an altercation with his father-in-law over visitation of his son. His then 7-month-old son was also injured in the altercation;
    Source: RawStory, 4/11/2017
  • Failure to Pay Child Support: A Tennessee arrest warrant was issued in 2015 for failure to appear at a court hearing related to his continued failure to pay child support.
    Source: RawStory, 4/11/2017

The long, dangerous history of Chris Sevier was a matter of publicly accessible records and news prior to his testifying with Representative Paulette Rakestraw in 2017, a history that Gullett says should have been well researched and known prior to ever inviting him to testify on behalf of legislation in front of the Georgia General Assembly.

“The fact that Rakestraw’s legislation did absolutely nothing for victims of human trafficking notwithstanding, she’s obligated to explain why she insulted those victims by inviting an accused stalker of a 17-year-old female as an expert witness. Our state deserves better, our district deserves better, and the victims of human trafficking and sexual assault in our State absolutely deserve better,” Gullett said.

House Bill 509 was introduced on February 27, 2017 and assigned to the House Judiciary Committee. Sponsored by Representative Rakestraw, the only other two sponsors were gun-grabbing Democrat Mary Margaret Oliver of Decatur and Sheila Jones of Atlanta. The bill would have mandated a filter be placed on internet connected devices that prevented access to obscene materials unless the consumer paid the State of Georgia a $20 per device tax to remove the filter. The funds raised would be dedicated to a newly created Georgia Mental Health and Addiction Treatment Trust Fund. Gullett is challenging Rakestraw in the July 24 Republican Primary Runoff for House District 19.


DALLAS – Former Paulding County Republican Party Chairman Joseph Gullett announced his candidacy for the Georgia State House. He will run in the Republican Primary election on May 22, 2018.

“When we look at the lack of conservative legislation being passed, it tells me we need someone who is a true workhorse for the people he serves,” said Gullett. “My obligation to the taxpayers and citizens of House District 19 will be to work endlessly on their behalf to reduce the size and scope of our government, protect our Constitutional rights, and improve our educational opportunities in Georgia.”

While in college, Joseph met his wife Jessica and together they have called Paulding County home. Joseph also began working for SunTrust as a student, and now manages multi-million projects that help the bank maintain federal regulatory requirements.

Joseph’s experience serving Paulding County began soon after moving here. “In the early 2000s, I found a passion for the growing FairTax movement. I’ve organized a number of events for supporters to find involvement, including a rally that drew participants all the way from North Carolina to Florida,” Gullett said.

Gullett is also an active Republican volunteer, having served in a variety of volunteer roles for national, state, and local campaigns. In 2011, his peers in the Paulding County Republican Party elected him Chairman. During his Chairmanship, Gullett helped oversee and coordinate the Back Pack Program, a local initiative that provides food to children who would otherwise go hungry on the weekends. Under Joseph’s leadership, the Paulding County GOP began awarding college scholarships to budding young conservatives in the community. Over $2,500 of privately raised funds were given to graduating Paulding County seniors.

“During my Chairmanship, I wanted Paulding County to see that Republicans believe in smaller government as both a governing principle and as a motivation to serve our community,” Gullett said. “As Chairman, I went to work for Paulding County in ways that I thought reflected that.”

Joseph helped found and grow Paulding Public Safety Appreciation, Inc. Joseph has been on the Board of Directors for PPSA since its inception and currently serves as President. During his presidency, the annual “Run with the Badges” 5K Glow Run was established. Since the organization was first formed, it has raised over $130,000, given out $70,000 in financial assistance, and exists solely to support and serve our law enforcement and first responders.

“The taxpayers and residents of District 19 are ready for more action from the State House,” says Gullett. “Social media has made the world a different place. Voters are more informed than ever before. They are able to communicate the needs they expect their elected officials to meet. I’ve worked tirelessly to meet those needs in the community, and I will continue to work tirelessly as their voice at the Gold Dome,” Gullett said. “I look forward to seeing my neighbors on the campaign trail, and cannot wait to show how much of a workhorse I can be on their behalf.

“We are going to do great things in the legislature. From tax reform to protecting the bedrock conservative values that make Paulding County great, I’m ready to work.”